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PovoDOG is the private shelter for dogs in Sochi, Naro-Fominsk, Abakan, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk

About PovoDog

Home to more than 200 dogs, PovoDog is a private dog shelter opened in late 2013 by Volnoe Delo Oleg Deripaska Foundation, one of Russia's largest private charitable funds. Dogs range from puppies to adults, and most of the dogs are mutts.

The shelter's mission is to rehome the animals and find loving owners for them in Russia and abroad.


The problem of stray dogs in Sochi first appeared during the preparation for the 22nd Winter Olympic Games in Sochi as 50,000 construction workers involved in the Olympics construction fed and kept the dogs roaming around the venues. The number of animals grew rapidly but when the construction was completed and the workers left Sochi, the animals were left abandoned.

When the Games started, guests of the city and journalists paid attention to the packs of strays which flooded the streets of Sochi and even sneaked into the Olympic venues. The problem of stray dogs briefly made the headlines in the Olympic coverage.

To prevent culling of Sochi strays and save the animals from roaming around Olympic venues, Volnoe Delo Oleg Deripaska Foundation funded the setting up of a dog shelter in Sochi`s Khosta district, in the village of Baranovka. All of the dogs in the shelter receive medical treatment, including anti-rabies vaccinations and anti-worm therapy. The pets are available for adoptions both by foreign citizens and Russians.

If you wish to adopt a pup or an adult dog, please contact povodog@volnoe-delo.ru We would also appreciate your support of PovoDog`s social media accounts in: VKontakte

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