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PovoDOG is the private shelter for dogs in Sochi, Naro-Fominsk, Abakan, Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk

Things to Know

Taking a dog from Russia to the EU, US or Canada

In order to bring a dog from Russia into these territories you will need to have the following documents which must be presented to vet authorities and to customs officers:

International vet passport an animals identification document containing information about vaccines and anti-worm therapy. Anti-rabies shots must be made no later than 30 days and no earlier than 12 months before the trip.

All the dogs coming to PovoDog shelter receive necessary vaccination and anti-worm treatment. If you have chosen an animal who has been vaccinated no later than 30 days before your trip, PovoDog will give a vet passport immediately.

A vet passport should contain the following information:

Vet certificate (form #1) a document issued by the main state-run vet clinic of Sochi:

Sochi, 78, Plastunskaya St,
t. +7 (8622) 98-26-42, +7 (8622) 98-26-01, +7 (8622) 98-26-46

The vet certificate is necessary to ship the animal via railway, air and marine transportation. The document is valid during three days, from the date of issue through the date of the trip.

After you have chosen a dog in PovoDog shelter, you take your pet and his vet passport, and bring them to the state vet clinic in Sochi which will issue a vet certificate.

Important requirements for issuing a vet certificate:

Each country has its vet rules for bringing dogs from abroad. For example, US vet authorities require anti-rabies vaccination and anti-intestinal infections treatment. For more information on bringing a dog into the United States, please see the requirements from the US Centers for Disease Control

For information on bringing a dog into Canada, please see the requirements from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency

For information on bringing a dog into EU, please see the European Commission’s requirements

The requirements on bringing dogs from abroad may vary every year. Please contact Russia’s Embassy or Consular office in your country for more information.

Animals air transportation rules:

Please contact your air carrier before the flight. You can also find all the necessary information about transportation of animals on the airlines official web sites.

Here are the rules of animals transportation from Russia`s leading air carriers performing flights from Sochi International Airport:

Be advised that majority of carriers require notification from the passenger about the intentions to take a dog onboard 24 hours prior to the flight. Therefore, please contact the air carrier 24 hours before the trip and notify the airline.

Dogs must be carried in containers and placed in a cold-proof section of the baggage area.

Requirements for the container:

Read more about the "adoption" of a dog, the export of an animal abroad and international veterinary requirements: